How would you describe yourself?
Happy, Friendly<Caring< Fun

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Teacher or a Flight Attendant

What do you want to be when you finally grow up?
Extremely rich and not have to work. Is that an answer?

Biggest dream?
Being successful in general and to travel!

Greatest achievement
Finishing school and getting my trade

Favourite Restaurant on the Gold Coast?

Mexicalis Nobbys,Can tho Kitchen, Etus, 

Favourite movie
Ps. I love you

What Tv Series do you like?
Pretty little liars, Orange is the new black

Favourite part of hairdressing
Meeting different people

Where did you do your training?
I did my hairdressing apprenticeship here on the Gold Coast

What hair types do you like doing the most?
In-between, not too fine and not too thick

What aspect of hairdressing do you specialise in?
I like to style, blow-dries, GHD curls up styles.

What is you favourite hair product?
Nak’s Ultimate treatment

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Alcoholic beverages, partying, friends, family, socializing and Netball

Favourite club on the Gold Coast?

Brooke Senior Stylist and our Up Stylist

Brooke loves to play with hair to create new looks. “Cutting shapes and styles into hair is lots of fun. Transforming someone image is a pretty cool job!” Brooke is amazing with her upstlyes and is great at whipping your hair into shape.

Outside of work
Brooke enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with family and friends, food and cooking travel and netball.

Favourite restaurant
Etsu at Mermaid Beach

Saturday night you can go to dinner with anyone… who is it and where?