Jenna Creative Stylist


How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence?
Outgoing, bubbly, loud and friendly 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Hairdresser or Vet

What DO you want do when you finally grow up?
Own my own business or be really rich lol

Biggest dream?
Travel the world and own a successful business 

Greatest achievement
Getting a trade and seeing apart of the world

Saturday Night and you can have dinner with anybody, who is it?
My dad who passed away.

Favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast
Bazaar – OT

Favourite movie
Lion King

Favourite part of hairdressing
Making people feel good about themselves and being creative

How did you become hairdresser?
Cert 2 at tafe a to get myself into the field than did work experience at a salon that lead into an apprenticeship

Where did you do your training?
Sydney and Newcastle

What hair types do you like doing the most?
All hair types for different reasons

What is your favorite part of hairdressing
Long hair, colouring and creating new a look 

What aspect of hairdressing do you specialize in?
Creative, colouring and long hair

What is you favorite hair product?
Fudge Dynamite treatment and Purple Shampoo and Davero Ends Repair

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Anything outdoors bushwalks, gym, travelling and Socializing

What TV series do you like?
Friends, MKR and The Voice and documentaries

Jenna is amazing at recreating your image and is not scared to do dramatic transformations. Black to blonde, blonde to red or even brassy to blonde. “I enjoy most aspect of hairdressing, but if I had to pick, creative colouring,long hair and folks would be my favourites” said Jenna

Outside of work Jenna enjoys bushwalking, gym/fitness, camping, hiking, travelling, holidaying