Nicky, Team Leader and Curl Specialist

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What DO you want do when you finally grow up?
I want to own my own scuba diving resort and take photos all day

Biggest dream?
To make a difference in the world, and to be able to travel 6 months a year to different countries 

Greatest achievement
Walking the Kokoda track ,climbing MT Kinabalu and MT Kilimanjaro.

Saturday Night and you can have dinner with anybody, who is it?
Scott, Izac n Josh… My Family

Favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast
Masakan is our family favourite restraint on the Gold Coast

Favourite part of hairdressing
I have been a part of training 17 girls in their hairdressing apprenticeships, I love seeing the girls grow and become amazing stylist

How did you become hairdresser?
I worked as a tea n tidy while I was at school then commenced my apprenticeship

What hair type do you like doing the most?
Curly hair and long hair and fine hair

What is your favourite part of hairdressing?
Cutting and colouring is my favourite

What aspect of hairdressing do you specialize in?
Cutting into the curl, perms, razor cuts, fine and long hair is my specialities

What is you favourite hair product?
Davroe “Curl Definer Cream” or Fudges “One Shot”

What is your favourite hair care range?
Davroe, Delorenzo, Fudge and Joico, I cant choose one

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I love scuba diving, anything at the beach, photography, MT climbing, trekking, anything outdoors and fun.

What TV series do you like?
Game Of Thrones, Suits, Homeland, 24

Craziest thing you have ever done?
Camping on the top of MT Kilimanjaro adjacent to a glacier, it was -26 degrees!

Nicky’s strengths are her curls, perms, body waves, spiral perm or soft beach curls. She is amazing with advice on products to use on your natural curls and cuts to suit and enhance your curls. “Cutting curly hair is a real art”, Nicky said “I love cutting into the curl and reducing the weight to allow them to bounce, or working with the curls to create shape in the hair”

Find Nicky at Chevron Island Monday Tuesday and Thursday.