Nyassa is one of our Hair La Natural trained hairdessers and we are very proud of her.
Nass joined our team when she was just 16 and has always been one of our best, for what she lacks in age she makes up in talent! Nyassa loves to blow dry and style any length of hair and has a flair for soft curls and waves, her skills are well beyond her years in the industry. Nass is never afraid to try something new.

Nass loves fun fresh fashion colours, curls and funky styles to test her skills, dramatic changes. Want something out of the ordinary? Nyassa is your girl.

Also of our stylist that is trained in Curls and Perms. Soft Beach Wave, Texture Perms, Body Wave and even the good old Spiral Perm

Find Nyassa at Chevron Island Tuesday to Saturday 


Recks reviewed Hair La Natural- 5 star

this was my first time at hair la natural. the staff were great friendly and very proffesional….very happy with the hair cut from nass who i highly recomend…. great place to get a hair cut and chat with friendly staff or watch tv ….five star

Bruce Smith reviewed Hair La Natural – 5 star

Thank you Nyassa for a great colour and cut. The best in Queensland

Carlee Rosetta Hutchinson reviewed Hair La Natural – 5 star

Just had my hair done today by Nass, honestly the best place!
All the ladies are wonderful!
Would travel back to the Gold Coast!!

Lindsey Baker reviewed Hair La Natural – 5 star

I Always look forward to getting my hair done at hair la natural. Nyassa always does a great job and she generally cares about my hair and keeping it in good condition. I will miss her lots when I leave to go back to England. Thank youuu x

Nyassa Our Fashion Colourist

How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence?
Someone who is very ambitious strives to be something and motivated

What DID you want to be when you grew up?
Always wanted to help people and make others happy

What DO you want do when you finally grow up?
I want to be a session stylist, I want to be known, be the hair stylist that people talk about all the time like Jayne Wild

Greatest achievement?
Making my grandma happy doing what she has always done hairdressing 

Saturday Night and you can have dinner with Anybody, who is it?
Jayne Wild or Tim Burton

Favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast?
Kiomi in the Casino

Favourite movie?
Studio Ghildi Films

Favourite part of Hairdressing
Cutting, styling and making people happy

What TV series do you like
Anime hunter X hunter , Game of thrones, documentaries

Favourite part of Hairdressing
Cutting, styling and making people happy

How did you become hairdresser?
My mums best friend owned a salon and saw I wasn’t happy where I was in life and brought me into something she knew I’d love

Where did you do your training?
Hair La Natural with Creative Edge

What hair type do you like doing the most?
All types!

What is you favourite hair product?
Davroe formation, Davroe straightening balm and design foam

 What is your favourite hair care range?

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Night walks, enjoying the night life, my cat, gym, spending time at the beach
 What is your favourite club on the Gold Coast?

Craziest thing you have ever done?

Sky diving

Nyassa is one of our most passionate hairdressers. She is very visual and loves to create that fashion colour or a style that turns heads. Nyassa is one of our most popular hairdresser for hairstyling, with her blowdries and GHD curls and GHD hair straightening lasting for days.