Divina.One is a range of permanent hair colours from Eva Professional Hair Care, made in Barcelona since 1922.  In over 50 countries people choose Eva Professional products to care for their hair.

Divina.One is a high-intensity colour range with superior levels of moisturizing power.

Paraben, Silicone And Sulfate-Free Formula

UCS.2 Ultra Colour System Technology makes the most of the properties of its active ingredients. It is a high-intensity color range with superior levels of moisturizing power.

You’ll find hair dyes in brown shades in the Essentials line*. All the dyes in this line are intended to provide a natural, multifunctional look.  They provide 100% grey hair coverage. Uniform colors, they provide a very natural color and irresistible shine.

Divina.One will provide a deep uniformed colour injection to reach a maximum colour retention and intensity + a deep hydration injection, all in one easy step.  Divina.One is an optimised colour service in a single visit providing radiant colour results, full of shine and hydration.

Colours 10% More Intense And Longer-Lasting

Results corresponding to the comparative test performed with the Chroma-tech formula, after 20 shampoos.  Test conducted by an independent laboratory.

Divina Pure Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Colour


“We were committed to a vision, a goal, a dream, being aware of the reality and looking for the perfect result, and DIVINA PURE AMMONIA FREE PERMANENT HAIR COLOURING SYSTEM was born; a permanent, highly-treating, odor-free color”

*Maximum comfort & respect for the hair!


*Perfume Free

*Paraben Free

*Silicone Free

*Maximum power & maximum comfort when it comes to grey coverage.

*PPD Free


Why We Choose Eva 


Their policy is focused on offering high quality products while retaining our commitment to ethics and respect, important features for our identity.

They have internalized policies for saving energy, comprehensive recycling, minimizing use of consumables (toner, paper, water, plastic, etc.), using recycled material whenever possible, minimizing waste, etc.

They DO NOT TEST PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS – Their products are entirely manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, and no products manufactured within the European Union can be tested on animals

Over 94 years Dedicated to the hair cosmetic sector for professionals. They have been manufacturing high-quality hair care products Since 1922. 

INNOVATION AND QUALITY – Our facilities have over 5,000 square meters dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing of our products.

SUSTAINABILITY – High quality, sustainable products made of natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

Environmental Sustainability

Natural Ingredients

Not Tested on Animals

Milkshake 9 min colour

9 minutes permanent color


The first permanent color that guarantees maximum results in just minutes. Comes in 36 intense and radiant color shades. Advanced technology combined with balanced pigments to guarantee the same results as a regular permanent color with reduced processing time

maximum grey coverage

conditioning base that guarantees soft, shiny hair

darkens or lifts

Please call to request this service, Online booking not available  for this service