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Hair Extension

Elevate Your Look with Modern Techniques, discover the latest in hair extension technology at Hair La Natural

Choose from a wide range of extension colours to perfectly match your natural hair. Whether you prefer a standard blend or something specific, Our mix and match options offer natural foiled looks or trendy balayage/ombre styles.

With extensions available in straight, wavy, and curly textures, there’s something for every hair type. 

premium-quality human-grade hair extensions meticulously sourced for ultra-softness. Each strand is crafted to blend seamlessly with natural hair, ensuring a flawless finish. 


Luxemane Collection

Discover the ultimate luxury with our Luxemane Collection—setting the standard for premium hair extensions in Australia. Crafted from raw, ethically sourced hair from the Middle East and Eastern Europe, our extensions undergo a meticulous de-pigmentation process to preserve their natural beauty.

Unlike many other brands, our hair is free from chemicals or silicones, ensuring a lasting, silky soft feel without deterioration over time. With 8 base shades and custom colouring options, each extension is tailored to perfection to seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

Our application method utilises the latest innovation in hair integration, minimising damage while delivering a full, luscious look in just 30-40 minutes for a full head application. Plus, with no glues or adhesives, our extensions offer discretion and versatility, allowing you to wear your hair up whenever you please.

For maintenance, we recommend returning every 6-8 weeks for a touch-up to keep your extensions looking flawless. And with the Luxemane Collection, you’ll not only enjoy beautiful extensions but also promote the growth of your natural hair.


Seamless 1 Hair Extensions

Seamless1 engineering the concept of TAPE hair extensions beyond our time.

Seamless1 individually crafted hair extensions are AAA standard and are the first to offer premium hair that is affordable.

Zero damage, no need to destroy your existing hair by adding more hair. S1 extensions mean feeling and looking beautiful.Time is precious, less than 30 minutes is all it takes to have beautiful, long voluminous hair.So if your after tape extensions to extend your hair length or add volume instantly that is 100% human hair Seamless1 is for you.

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