Hair Extensions

Luxemane Collection

Luxe mane Collection is Australia’s first custom coloured extension system available in only a few selected salons, using raw ethically sourced hair from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The hair has been hand selected and gone through a careful de-pigmentation process.

Our hair is not coated with any chemicals or silicones for a cosmetic feel unlike many other brands, which at first appear silky soft and then deteriorate after a couple months of even weeks.
The hair is left completely natural to depict the look of having long luscious hair, it comes in 8 base shades then custom coloured at our salon.
This means everything will be matched perfectly just to suit you without the need of waiting and ordering something to match.
It is applied using the latest innovation in hair integration with the least damaging way possible to give you a full luscious look. There are no glues and adhesives, and takes as little as 30-40 mins to apply a full head.
They are discrete and allow you to wear your hair up when need be.
When wearing Luxemane collection we advise that you come back in every 6-8 weeks or when your’e ready for your colour touch up to get them re installed.
A luxemane collection weft will also help promote growth of your natural hair, for more information or to book in for a free consultation call us on 0755386133 Chevron Island 0755703657 Surfers Paradise