“Good hairdressers are always hard to find!”

Hair la Natural has 2 locations. Please choose location to see  more about each salon. Their team, services and to book.


5538 6133
5570 3657

Trading Hours

Chevron Island 

9am – 5pm Weekdays
    9am – 9pm Tuesday & Wednesday

Surfers Paradise

9am – 5pm Weekdays
      8am – 2pm Saturday
9am – 9pm Tuesday & Thursday

Hair La Natural: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Discover the Gold Coast’s go-to destination for top-notch yet affordable hairdressing.

Founded in 1978 by a French hairstylist, Hair La Natural flourished under Nicky’s leadership, growing to two locations with skilled stylists and beauty rooms. In 2018, Jenna assumed ownership of the Surfers Paradise salon. Both Nicky and Jenna priorities a friendly, professional team environment, focusing on customer service and ongoing training. The majority of the team are trained at Hair La Natural, ensuring a cohesive, knowledgeable staff for exceptional salon experiences.”