Natural Curls

 Natural Curls  

At Hair La Natural, we LOVE curls! There is a few select members at each salon that specialise in perms but also how to care, cut, and nurture your amazing natural curls. With our specialised curly cut and our hydrating products we can shape your curls and transform them!

In August 2021 Clever Curl held a curl master class at Hair La Natural Chevron Island  that all our curl specialist attended . For 2 days we lived, breathed, hydrated, cut, blowdried and bounced around with curls.

We offer dry curl by curl style cuts, deep conditioning curl treatments designed to flood the hair with moisture and colours that help to bring dimension to your curls. Our expert curly hairdressers follow the Curly Girl Method and use Clever Curl products. We’ll help to show you how to use all the product so that you achieve salon quality curly hair care at home!

Before your curly girl appointment: 

To get the best curl results out of your appointment please read more


What is the Curly Girl Method®?

The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl, The Handbook” is a hair care method that trades in damaging habits for a healthy curly hair regimen using just conditioner and gel. It also  recommends avoiding sulphates, silicones and drying alcohols while caring for your naturally curly hair. This method advocates tried and tested techniques and products to make the most of your curls.

What products do you recommend at Hair La Natural?

We understand that not every curl is the same ,so we have a few amazing brand that we work with, Clever Curl, Everescents, CPR and Milkshake and Davero an products specifically created for curly hair. Some of our hair care collection contains the finest plant based and certified organic ingredients. We’re so excited to introduce you to our products and we’re sure that you’ll absolutely love them too!
Depending on how you like to style your curls and the techniques you prefer to use in the curly hair routine you will find products such as these very popular: wet brushes, prong pin curl clips,  dryer diffuses and  our Eco friendly towels.

What is so different with a curly haircut?

Hairdressers are traditionally trained to cut straight hair, rather than curly hair. We are taught angels to pull the hair to and lines to cut. Cutting curly hair requires the hairdresser to be able to see the shape and the curl and tailor a cut to those needs. Not all curly cuts are the same and each time it maybe a different technique use to get the most out of your curls.

Do you cut my curly hair wet or dry?

We mainly cut hair dry, in its natural state. To ensure best results, come in with your hair  on day one after your wash day, or when your curls are sitting  well so we can see them.
To get the best out of your experience add the styling session on and have your curls hydrated , try a few new products and maybe even learn a new styling technique.

What Is a hydration session?

Hydration is key to happy, healthy curls and you will find that your curls will jump up even without a trim. The hydration session is the best way to get those curls to bounce back up and give more definition, a hydration session does not include a cut and purely focuses on cleansing the hair and scalp and hydrating the curls. Sometimes all your curls need is some hydration. 
Please be aware a hydration session takes up to 30  mins at the basin, its recommended that a style blow-dry  is also booked in as your hair will be soaked up with goodness. The blow-dry will also give you some tips on how to style your curls at home.

I have so many curly hair products already at home!

That’s fine, if you like them!
There is so many products out there all claiming to do wonders, come in and we will hand pick the products for you, hydrate your curls and styled with them so you can see the results yourself before purchasing.