Natural Curls

 Natural Curls  

At Hair La Natural, we’re obsessed with curls! Our dedicated team members specialise in perms and excel at caring for, cutting, and elevating your natural curls. With our signature curly cut and hydrating products, we’ll sculpt and elevate your curls to new heights.

In August 2021, we hosted a game-changing curl master class by Clever Curl at Hair La Natural Chevron Island. Our entire curl squad immersed themselves in Two days of hydration, cutting-edge techniques, and bouncing with curls.

Experience our dry curl-by-curl style cuts, indulgent deep conditioning treatments, and vibrant colours designed to enhance your curls’ natural dimension. Following the Curly Girl Method, our expert stylists use Clever Curl products and will empower you with insider tips for maintaining your salon-quality curls at home.”

Before your curly girl appointment: 

Before Your Curly Girl Appointment:

To ensure the best results for your curls, here’s what you need to know:

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What is the Curly Girl Method®?

The Curly Girl Method, pioneered by Lorraine Massey, promotes a healthy curly hair regimen using conditioner and gel while avoiding sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols. It offers tried-and-tested techniques and products to enhance your curls.

What products do you recommend at Hair La Natural?

We offer a range of amazing brands tailored for every curl type, including Clever Curl, Everescents, CPR, Milkshake, and Davero. Our collections feature the finest plant-based and certified organic ingredients. From wet brushes to dryer diffusers, we have everything you need to style your curls effortlessly.

What is so different about a  curly haircut?

Unlike traditional straight haircuts, cutting curly hair requires a unique approach. We tailor each cut to the shape and curl pattern of your hair, ensuring that every curl is given the attention it deserves.

Do you cut my curly hair wet or dry?

We prefer to cut hair in its natural, dry state to achieve the best results. It’s recommended to come in on day one after your wash day so we can see your curls at their best.


What Is a hydration session?

Hydration is essential for healthy, bouncy curls. Our hydration session focuses on cleansing, hydrating the curls, and defining their natural pattern. This session doesn’t include a cut but will leave your curls looking revitalised and nourished.

I have so many curly hair products already at home!

No problem! Bring them in, and we’ll help you choose the best products for your curls. We’ll even style your hair with them so you can see the results before making a purchase.