Nicky, Team Leader and Curl Specialist

Leading the team at Hair La Natural & bringing the team over 21 years of experience is part owner and operator Nicky.

Nicky was trained in Brisbane, Melbourne and also traveled to Sydney Hair Expo from year to year to keep up with the latest styles and techniques in fashion. With fine, long and curly hair being her favourite, she enjoys creating that new look for you, a style cut and colour with a twist of something unique. Barber trained as well Nicky can create a great style for the man in your life. Nicky is our Curl specialist.

After having naturally curly hair her whole life she is an expert at cutting and styling even the hardest to manage curls. Nicky completed her apprenticeship in the era of perms, so she can perm, set and curl even the straightest hair. Ask for a complimentary Perm Consultation next time you’re in to get that volume you have always desired.

Nicky’s specialties are fashion cuts and colours, curls, streaks, style cutting, razor cutting, hair reconstructing, permanent straightening, perms or body waves, diagnosing and recommending treatment for scalp problems and Alopecia, or just a bit of advice on home hair care.

Find Nicky at Chevron Island Monday Tuesday and Thursday.Reviews

Kirstin Cuthbert reviewed Hair La Natural – 5 star

I’ve been going to Nicky for my cuts for nearly two years and she does an amazing job every time. I have super curly hair and she truly knows curly hair so well! Today I got it coloured and had highlights through it and have had so many compliments already. She’s so amazing at what she does. Couldn’t recommend her more, especially for curly haired girls!

Belinda reviewed Hair La Natural- 5 star

I found Hair La Natural years ago through a simple Google search. I needed rescuing from a disastrous hair colouring from a well known salon on the Coast. Nicky’s name came up in the search with high reviews as a hair colour professional. I have never looked back, I have been with Nicky for almost a decade, she takes great care in her clients, knows their hair and knows what is suitable. She is a true professional and is highly recommended!

Christie McCabe reviewed Hair La Natural- 5 star

The best hair cut and service I have had in many years. The staff were very friendly and I was provided specialist care from a hair colourist and curly hair cutter. I was educated about how curls, split ends and all aspects of my hair worked to bring it back to life. The staff have passion for the industry. I will definitely return.


Nicky is one of our beautiful salon owners and definitely our most experienced stylists. She has been leading the hair la natural team for 12 years now and has a passion for:

  • fine hair
  • all things curl related
  • perms, soft beachy waves to spiral perms
  • colour expert
  • bouncy blowdry extraordinaire

Nickys other loves in her life are her 2 boys, scuba diving beautiful wrecks all over the world, whale sharks, travel, building successful businesses from the groung up and community contribution.

Nicky’s strengths are her curls, perms, body waves, spiral perm or soft beach curls. She is amazing with advice on products to use on your natural curls and cuts to suit and enhance your curls. “Cutting curly hair is a real art”, Nicky said “I love cutting into the curl and reducing the weight to allow them to bounce, or working with the curls to create shape in the hair”

Find Nicky at Chevron Island Monday Tuesday and Thursday.