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  • Organic Bergamot Conditioner 250ml


    Fine hair or oily roots/dry ends

    89.20% Certified Organic 
    99.80% Naturally Derived

    General Directions

    Bergamot Shampoo:
    Massage into wet hair & scalp working up a lather, enjoy the aroma & rinse thoroughly.  To combat an oily scalp repeat the process if necessary. SAFE FOR COLOURED HAIR.
    TIP: For best results always shampoo twice.

    Bergamot Conditioner:
    After using Shampoo, apply desired amount into wet hair concentrating on the midlengths & ends, leave for 1-3 minutes, enjoy the aroma & rinse thoroughly. SAFE FOR COLOURED HAIR.
    TIP: The less water in your hair before applying the conditioner the better!

  • Organic Bergamot Shampoo 250ml


    Fine hair or oily roots / dry ends

    86.05% Certified Organic 
    99.36% Naturally Derived

Showing all 2 results