Want Silky, Shiny,Healthy Hair?
Try One of our Beautiful Hair Repair Treatments

Milkshake have created a Luxury Hair Dessert treatment range that can be mixed prescriptively to suit all hair types.

Not only do the treatments smell edible but they have been created to repair, plump and hydrate any hair type with any needs. Your stylist will assess your hair type individually and what you are lacking and mix/whip up a delicious hair dessert to nourish all your hair desires.
Beware as your hair once finished will smell like YUMMY!

Available for $40 on there own or 50% off with any package or colour


Keratherapy Keratin Treatment

Revolutionize the way you defrizz and smooth hair! All Keratherapy products are formulated with our exclusive KERABOND Technology which dramatically improves the overall health, condition and manageability of the hair.

All Keratherapy products utilize KERABOND™ Technology, a process by which pure keratin is refined and enhanced, enabling it to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate deeper into the hair shaft where it bonds to the most damaged parts of the hair. This ensures the keratin is replenished only where it’s needed, resulting in smooth, shiny, healthy hair, guaranteed! Clients will experience shiny, softer, straighter, frizz free hair in as little as 90minutes.

  • Zero Down Time
  • Fast & Easy Application Process
  • No Fumes Or Harsh Chemicals
  • Safe For All Hair Types
  • Up to 90% Curl Reduction
  • Maximum Frizz Control
  • Humidity Protection
  • Faster Blow Drying & Ironing
  • More Shine

Spa Treatment

Olaplex no 1 is applied to clean hair and combed through from roots tips.

We leave this Bond Multiplier on the hair for 10 mins, Heat is sometimes used to help the treatment penetrate deeper.

We then add no 2 to the midlength’s and ends evenly distributing and leaving on the hair for 10-20 mins.

We follow our Olaplaex treatments with our Ultimate hair treatment by Nak.

$34.95 on top any Blow-dry or Package

Argi One

Argi One uses a unique technology that releases nano-particles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition hair. This dual action technology enables hair to begin repairing from the inside while creating a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft.


Unlike traditional keratin treatments, Agi One is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. A key product feature is that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

How Is It Different To Keratin-Based Treatments?
All smoothing treatments including keratin are designed to de-frizz your hair, and Agi One does exactly that, but that’s where the similarities end.

Avoid The ‘yucky’ 48 Hours
This isn’t the case with Agi One, which lets you enjoy the benefits of your sleek looking hair treatment immediately.

It’s Colour Friendly
 We use Agi Blonde which adds tone at the same time as treating.

Ritualities Treatment

A silk protein based treatment to leave your hair so silky and shiny you won’t be able to stop touching it.

$12.05 on top of any Package

K-Pac Hair Reconstructor

An intense 4 step treatment that deeply cleanse the hair, tighten the cuticle and returns the hair back to it natural PH, powered with a deep penetrating reconstructive treatment followed by a moisture masks. This treatment has many mini head massage and smells divine.

Our most deluxe long-lasting traditional hair treatment, best enjoyed with a glass of Red!

$45.05 with any other service 30 mins